DIY Personalized Christmas Bow

Each year my family does a dirty Santa passing party and each year my cousin picks a present that is totally inappropriate for him.

It’s like he knows that present isn’t for him but he must pick it any way.

This year, I’m solving the problem by creating a personalized bow that will scream,

“This is the present for you!!!”

Here’s all you need to create a perfectly personalized Christmas bow for anyone on your Christmas list.

The Ingredients:

  • 7 interesting and thoughtful images
  • A Color Printer
  • Self-laminating sheets
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • (The hot glue sticks are implied….right?)
  • A Hallmark Christmas movie to pass the time spent cutting the strips

The Process:

  1. Using Publisher, Canva or whatever service you feel comfortable with, create a “strip” of 1″ images. You will need 4 strips that are 18″ and 3 strips that are 14.” You will also need one specific image to be the center of bow, that 1″ strip will need to be 3″ long. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V are your friends when copying and pasting the strip of images.

This was my favorite part of the process. For my brother’s bow, I creeped on all of his twitter and Instagram likes to find some of my favorite pictures.

In case you needed to see his greatest Instagram post up-close…

2. Cut out the strips. (This takes some time, so pass the time watching a delightful Hallmark movie.)

3. Deploy the secret sauce….

4. After you laminate the strips according to the package directions, measure out the strips to the appropriate length: four 18″ strips, three 14″ strips and one 3″ center strip. Tape the strips in a circle

Here’s what I mean by “tape the strips in a circle.”

5. Using a hot glue gun and the implied glue sticks, glue the circles into bow-tie strips.

Here’s what I mean by “glue the circles into bow-tie strips. “

6. Glue the bow-ties on top of each other, using the four larger bow-ties first. (You knew that right?)

Here’s what your bow would look like with iconic Kentucky football images

7. Glue on the three smaller bow-ties first. Then add the center strip, it should be rolled up like the paper around utensils at an Applebees, but you already knew that, right?

Here’s what your bow would look like with iconic Kentucky football images and random photos from by brother’s social media.

8. Place your perfectly personalized bow on top of your already wrapped present and enjoy!

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