The Best Collection of 2018 Halloween Costume Inspo

Good Halloween costumes are relevant. They are stolen from viral videos and magazine headlines and summer blockbuster movies.  Here are a few of my personal favorites from 2018:

Halftime Justin Timberlake!

If you have a decent memory, you’ll be able to recollect how amazing Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime outfit  was in February.  There were lots of intriguing pieces.  The western scenery shirt.  The unnecessary bandana and that charming smile.




 Nick FOles’ Super Bowl Baby

This costume is so specific, it might just be for Eagles fans only.  There’s something so sweet about Nick Foles’ baby adorned with pink earmuffs that just might make the perfect Halloween costume.




Kylie Jenner’s Baby Shower Attendee

With this silkly/free-flowing costume, people will either correctly guess your costume OR think you are  Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez in  the “Creep”  music video





Sister Jean!

Feel free to reuse your Gryffindor scarf and a decent white wig to instantly transform yourself into the most lovable woman from the NCAA tournament. .





  Wal-Mart Yodelling BOy

He stole America’s heart with his finger-point guns, his darling bow tie and his yodeling skills.  More than likely, a yodeling boy costume will just as endearing.





Wild Wild Country

The Rajneeshpuram look like a community that did a load of light colored laundry with a few red socks.   This would make a fabulous inspiration for a group costume.  (Extra bonus points if you find a way to include beaver water in the mix!)




International House of B________________

Remember when IHOB was the most intriguing restaurant of all time? It was only a tiny moment in world history, but for a few minutes, it was everything.  Here’s a few suggestions of B-words that you could use for your International Costume:

  • International House of Bees!
  • International House of  Bagles!
  • International House of Butts!


Any of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

GLOW has so many scrunchies , bad hair-dos and shiny costumes that the plot almost become irrelevant. Luckily, a Zoya the Destroya costume might be the most relevant Halloween costume of all time!




A Quiet Costume

Evelyn and Lee Abbott’s look in A Quiet Place had a very specific aesthetic.  The movie had a “Spooky-Anthropologie” vibe.  This costume also pairs well with Nick Foles Super Bowl Baby!






Did you know Lebron is no longer in Cleveland? The newest version of Lebron would make a great Halloween costume. Don’t forget to bring the Blaze pizza!





Virginia from Claws

Claws serves many looks.  But, Virginia’s looks are the most consistent.  This is definitely one of the spicier options for your Halloween costumes.




Diana From Younger

If Virginia from Claws is the spiciest character on TV, then Diana from Younger is the chicest. Basically to transform yourself into Diana, find the largest necklace possible, and wah-lah! You’re the most sophisticated woman in publishing.




Nailed It! Trump Cake!

Let’s face it. There have been and there will be many, many Trump Halloween costumes.  But, only true originals will come dressed as the Trump cake that haunts my dreams.





Bad Visual John Wall

Disheveled John Wall might be the most low maintenance costumes of all time.






Retired Alex Trebek

Alex is about to have a lot of time on his hands.  Your costume could showcase all of the different hobbies Alex takes up.

I’ll take “Wal-Mart Greeter” for $500, Alex




Paddington Bear

Do you have a bucket hat and rain coat? Yes!

Then you have a costume!





Black Panther Anything!

If your Halloween gathering doesn’t have one Black Panther costume, then you’re doing it wrong.






Making It Hosts

This is barely a costume because I would 100% wear mismatched patches on my collar with overalls every day of my life.






The Nextdoor app allows people in neighborhoods to share ideas and when neighbors get to talking, good things happen.  Chickenbear is one of the most delightful things ever shared on the Nextdoor app.  It is equal parts charming and frightening.

Intrigued? Click here for more info.



The ghost of Movie Pass

We lost some of the greats this year. Movie Pass was one of the casualties.






The Ghost of Plastic Straws 

The plastic that I will miss the most will be all of those plastic straws that are gone but not forgotten. Somewhere someone is going to make a loving tribute to all the straws we lost this year as well as all those turtles who can now breathe straw-less air!




The Qween 

You’re going to need a Netflix size budget to pull this costume off. Queen Elizabeth costumes need lots of understated elegance.  One bonus point for each corgi you incorporate.




The Good Place

This might be the best forking costume ever.






Sassy Jay Cutler 

Inside everyone is a grumpy Jay Cutler.  Bonus points for every farm animal you incorporate into your costume.






What are some of the Pop Culture Halloween costumes that we need to add to collection!?

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