2018 Summer Reading List

2018 Summer Reading List

Get the messy look just right

Summer reading isn’t for fancy reading.  If you’re doing it right, most of your book choices are fluffy romances or bone chilling thrillers.  There shouldn’t be a lot of brain power expended. Likewise, your summer reading list criteria should begin and end with “hmm.. I like that cover.” It is a time for fun.  All that highbrow reading should come during autumn, which is, as we all know the most academic of the seasons.

Below are some of the fluffy novels I plan on reading this summer.  These stories made the cut based exclusively off of their cover alone.

inypmdI am not your perfect Mexican daughter by. Erika L. Sanchez

The YA cover for Sanchez’s novel shows an enviable braid.  I like the tropical turquoise and the spicy red of the non-perfect Mexican daughter’s top.  The book also comes highly recommended from a trusted high school English teacher facebook group. What more could you want?




ill be goneI’ll be gone in the dark by Michelle McNamara

The cover of McNamara’s novel is intriguing, but what is most interesting are the photos of the actual Golden State killer.  His face is haunting and the more I read about his capture, the more I need to know about his backstory.




happinessHappiness: A memoir  by. Heather Harpham

While Happiness looks lovely, it’s the little Reese Witherspoon book club sticker that makes me a sucker for this novel.  I also anticipate a good cry while reading.


*fingers crossed*



the light we lostThe light we lost by Jill Santopolo

This is another Reese Witherspoon book club pick.  This novel, however, has an A+ cover. Gold inlay, a couple kissing, stars! The combination sounds good enough to encourage me to read before the novel hits the movie theaters




surprise meSurprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

To me, a present vomiting hearts is exactly what a I want out of a book in the summertime.  The novel looks like it involves about as much brain power that it takes to read a picture book.  There a New York Times Best Seller badge on the top too. The combination of the two is all I need to commit to reading about the surprises on some sunny beach.


how to walk away  How to walk away by. Katherine Center

The red cover tells me that something saucy is going on in this novel.  The no-nonsense font tells me that the main character is a little uptight.  The bright, fun flowers tell me that something unexpected happens to the person “walking away.”  I can’t wait to read and prove myself right.

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