Bridal shower ideas

The three special touches that every Bridal Shower needs

Let’s be real. I’m not an expert on party planning.  For my sweet cousin’s bridal shower, we had to tie the photo backdrop to a doorknob.  The fabulous games went unplayed because there were enough prizes for everyone and the Kentucky weather wouldn’t cooperate. Regardless, we were pleased with the results with the coffee themed/succulent-centric bridal shower. The shower was “the perfect blend” of traditional shower activities and pinterest-y nonsense. No matter what “tradition to pinterest ratio” you choose, here are the three things that every shower must have:

  1. Some traditions

If you’ve been to any good Southern bridal shower, you know that for every bow that bride breaks, she is destined to have that many children.  Two broken bows = nuclear family. Twenty broken bows = a feature in People magazine. I don’t know what crazed lunatic started this rumor, but I love it. It’s not sound logically, and it always makes everyone slightly uncomfortable.

Another lovely tradition is saving all of those mangled bows for the rehearsal bouquet.  Everyone knows that the maid of honor needs to practice holding over-priced flowers on the big day by holding a dixie plate full of stick-on bows.  I don’t remember if my rehearsal bouquet made it to the actual rehearsal, but I just love the act of collecting the silly, unbroken bows for no rational reason.

  1. Something personal

Often, the best conversations start by looking at the throwback pictures of the bride and groom.  Of course, everyone is eyeing the cake in the corner, but there is nothing more delightful than spotting a 90’s mullet in a Polaroid picture.  For showers, the golden rule is: as many pieces need to be as specific to the bride as possible.

  1. Something Extra

This is my personal favorite rule. There should be little moments where you go a little overboard.  Not cray-cray, but just something unexpected. For me, this was personalized coffee cups, and not one, not two, but three ladder shelves that were sent directly from the pinterest gods.  Now, I know ten years from now, I’m going to look back and make fun of my ladders and boards shelves, but at the time, they brought me (and hopefully the shower guests) so much joy!

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