Nailed It Y’all!

The Netflix series Nailed It! really speaks to me. I’m a creative and competitive person but with mediocre abilities. Therefore, Nailed It! is my super bowl.  The show, hosted by Nicole Byer and all seven octaves of her vocal range, gives bakers an example dessert to create.  Bakers have roughly 1/10 of the time needed to complete the sugary creation all with the hopes of winning $10,000 or getting a glimpse of Wes, a dreamy off-camera worker-person. I don’t know what Wes’ official title is but, I’ll let you know when I get called up into the big leagues.

Nailed It is currently asking its couch potatoes with a sweet tooth to apply using #BakeYourSelfie. The application is an offer I couldn’t refuse. Here’s a few reasons why I would make the perfect Nailed It! contestant:

  • I’m the queen of Pinterest fails
  • I’m a teacher, so I’ll be immune to all of Nicole’s distractions
  • I’m the daughter of a gifted baker, but lack the patience and precision to create the perfect bakes!
  • I, on the other hand, am gifted at having the confidence to attempt a project but lack the skills to execute perfectly.
  •  This is the only reality competition that I’m somewhat qualified
  • I’d die if I was cast on Survivor 
  • I’m too broke for the Real Housewives franchise
  • Big Brother doesn’t make sense to me
  • Why does Jeopardy! have to be in the form of a question?
  • I’m too Southern for The Great British Baking Show 
  • I can’t even be trusted to follow the recipe on the application 🙁
  • But, I definitely #NailedIt with this knockoff Tasty video:

Regardless of how the cookie crumbles, I’ll always have the sweet, sweet memories of those horrific adult-sized glasses on my child-sized face.

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